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International Data Cleaning, Enhancement and De-duplication

  • An Image Library with a large European customer base wanted to build relationships and increase sales revenue by direct contact with targeted individual and company prospects throughout Europe
  • Data was collected from a variety of list brokers and prospect databases in 50 different European countries
  • Specific incentives were set so as to drive prospects to purchase
PKL Objectives
  • To apply specific country rules to name and address formats and local character sets
  • To de-duplicate all data within the prospect files allowing 1 mailing per prospect
  • To enhance, where needed, prospect data ensuring that it is fully mailable
  • To de-duplicate all prospect data against the customer data so that incentives were only available to new prospects
  • To retain all European Characters
  • All prospect and customer data received was converted to the Phrasis-KBDM 'tool kit' standard which provides all international characters – from whatever source or country – with a set international symbol
  • Using batch process all data was enhanced ensuring the required standard format for each country
  • De-duplication was then completed firstly within prospect and then against customer data
  • Finally data was re-converted back to include all country symbols and provided back to the client for mailing by country


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BACS Bureau Approved